Physical Health & Life Skills Education

Course Code: – PE5OPT01
Syllabus for Open course in Physical Education

Module 1

  1. Introduction to Physical Education &Physical Fitness
  2.  Concept of Physical Education
  3.  Meaning, Definition
  4. Aims and Objective of Physical Education
  5. Need and Importance of Physical Education
  6. Physical Fitness Components
  7. Types of Fitness
    i. Health related
    ii. Skill/Performance related,
  8.  Activities for the development of physical fitness (Aerobic and
    (20 Hours)

Module 2 

  1. Health & Nutrition
  2.  Definition and meaning of Health
  3. Dimensions of Health
  4. Factors affecting Health
  5. Major systems in human body
    i. Circulatory,
    ii. Respiratory,
    iii. Muscular and
    iv. Skeleton Systems,
  6. Effects of Exercise on Body Systems
    i. Circulatory,
    ii. Respiratory,
    iii. Muscular
    iv. Skeleton Systems
  7. Classification of nutrients
    i. carbohydrate
    ii. protein
    iii. fat
    iv. minerals
    v. vitamins
  8.  Balanced diet,
  9.  Malnutrition,
  10. Dietary guidelines for healthy eating,
  11. Hypo kinetic Diseases and their common causes,
  12. Prevention of Hypokinetic diseases and their management
    i. Obesity
    ii. Diabetics
    iii. Hypertension
    iv. Osteoporosis
  13. BMI.
    (20 Hours)

Module 3

  1. Human body type
    i. Ectomorph,
    ii. Endomorph
    iii. Mesomorph
  2.  Importance of correct posture
  3. Postural deformities
    vi. Kyphasis,
    vii. Lordosis,
    viii. Scoliosis,
    ix. Knock knee,
    x. Bow legs,
    xi. Flat foot
    xii. Text neck
  4. Causes and corrective exercises
  5. First Aid
  6. Meaning definition and importance
  7. Principles of First Aid ,
  8. Common injuries emergencies and their management
    i. Sprain,
    ii. Strain,
    iii. Fracture,
    iv. Dislocation,
    v. Wound,
    vi. Cuts,
    vii. Drowning,
    viii. CPR
  9. Meaning, definition of Yoga.
  10. Need and importance of Yoga in the modern society,
  11. Benefits and effects of Asanas,
  12. Surya Namaskar.
    (16 hours)

Module 4

  1.  Introduction to Sports& Games, Events and Awards
    i. Internationalii. Olympic Games
    iii. winter, summer, Paralympics)
    iv. Asian Games,
    v. Common Wealth Games,
    vi. National Games,
    vii. Santhosh Trophy,
    viii. Ranji Trophy.
    ix. Sports Awardsx. Rajiv Gandhi KhelRethna Award,
    xi. Dronacharya Award ,
    xii. Arjuna Award
    xiii. G.V Raja Award.
  2. Tournaments
    i. Type of Tournament
    ii. Knock Out
    iii. League
    (16 hours)
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