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The N.S.S Unit aims at serving the community along with education. It is intended to make the students conscious of the importance of being useful to the society. Membership to N.S.S is open to boys & girls. The volunteers are expected to work for the unit for a minimum 120 hours a year. The volunteers of N.S.S get weightage marks for admission to various courses of study and grace marks in the University examinations.

NCC Activities

Sneha Sammanam

Brief report:In commemoration of the separation of our NSS family member Sanjay Antony, the children of the Edathala  SOS children's village were given learning materials called 'സ്നേഹ സമ്മാനം'.The learning materials were distributed by our NSS volunteers themselves. Books, pencils, sharpeners, rubber, crayons and  sketches all of these were donated  by our NSS volunteers to their departments and donated to the children of SoS children's Village.There were 150+ children in that village. These learning materials were handed over to the  academic head of SOS children's village and then we posted a video of this activity on Instagram.This action came in the newspaper  the next day.

Vazhiyoram( Pothichoru Distribution)

On 24,28,29,  and 30 September NSS Unit no.38 of St. Paul's college,Kalammasery  distributed wraps as part of the NSS Week celebrations. The programme was named as Vazhiyoram  (Pothichoru distribution).There are many of us who are poor and struggling for a single meal. Some of them were given an early meal by the NSS students as part of the NSS Week celebrations. The students who came to the working session each day brought each package from their homes.The volunteers themselves went directly and gave them the wraps.Volunteers could be seen smiling on their faces as they wrapped up each day.

NSS Day Celebration- 2021 and Clean Drive

NSS day is celebrated annually on 24th September. NSS  was launched on 24th September 1969, the birth centenary year of the Father of the Nation. NSS Unit No: 38 of St Pauls college kalamassery  has conducted an online meeting on 23-09-2021 as a remembrance to Sanjay Antony and thereby discussed various programs of  NSS day.

The flag hoisting ceremony was done 24-09-2021 by Dr. Savitha K S, Principal, St. Paul's college kalamassery. Fr. Stinil Rapheal,Assistant Manager released the magazine after the flag hosting.

As a part of  NSS day the volunteers cleaned up the herbal garden and surroundings of the college  on 24-09-2021, 28-09-2021, 29-09-2021 and30-09-2021.


Vaccination is the most effective way to protect against infectious diseases. Vaccines strengthen your immune system by training it to recognise and fight against specific viruses. When you get vaccinated, you are protecting yourself and helping to protect the whole community. NSS unit no. 38 of St. Paul's College Kalamassery and social outreach in association with Rotary club cosmos and Sanjeevanam Ayurveda hospital conducted free covid-19 vaccination drive on 3rd September 2021. The program starts with the NSS anthem of volunteers by 11am at the seminar hall of the college. Presidential address was given by Rev.Fr. Joseph Antony Pallipparambil right after the welcome speech  by program officer stanlin PC. The function was inaugurated by Municipal chairperson, Kalamassery,Seema K Kannan. District governor elect Rtn. Rajamohan Nair gave the keynote address and felicitation was given by principal Dr. Savitha KS and health standing committee chairman and ward councillor AK Nishad. Vote of thanks were given by volunteer secretary Emmanuel David.

After the inauguration ceremony vaccination was started. 60 students were vaccinated during this vaccination drive. Emmanuel David,Aleena James,Alwin Benny,Hamna Hassan,Abhijith K S,Don F King,Joji Joy,Irfana M I,Abiya A B,Harikrishna T P,Vishal K B,Akshaya S are the NSS volunteers came to college for volunteering the program.Abhijith K.S,Lisna Benadict,Aifa MU ,Tom Fransis,Alwin Benny,Hamna Hassan,Joji Joy,Smeehan S Shameem,Afiya A R,Julian Lobo were the public relation team  for contacting the students those who get vaccinated. Project team, led by Jeneetta Justin and Akhil Johnson, also work hard for this program.  Program coordinators and program officers did a great job by supporting the volunteers.The program was ended at 3pm.

Onam Celebration

Onam is the popular festival of Kerala. It is also denoted as the harvest festival of Kerala. It is a ten-day long Celebration Starts from Atham to thiruvonam. Each day has its own importance and Speciality. Students like Aleena ky, Aardra Sibi, Alshin Joseph, Smeehan, Siya Siju, Samure Ramesan, Amal K.R. Asna, Ann Mary, Joyi joy explained about the Speciality of each day. Nss unit of no: 38 of St. Paul’s College, Kalamassery joined Our hands together to hand over 'onam kits' to needy families and we also created an onam Video. We Conducted Various Competition including Reels Competition, Onam Song Competition, Pookalam design Competition, Malayali Manga and kerala Sreeman Competition, Vadam Vali poling Competition as part of the Celebration. Students of Various departments actively participated in all the competitions.

Our Hope for Farm Animals on India’s 75th Independence Day

On 16-08-2021 Humane society international/ India, in Collaboration with NSS unit no:38 of St. Paul’s College Kalamassery, Presented a regional Webinar on the topic ‘Our hope for farm animals on India’s 75th Independence Day’. The webinar Session was handled by Ms.Sally Varma, Senior campaigner Eat Kind India.The talk was very informative and explained the importance of becoming vegan in our life.

Independence Day Celebration

Independence Day is celebrated annually on 15 August as a national holiday in India commemorating the nation’s independence from the United Kingdom on 15 August 1947.This year to celebrate the 75th Independence Day, the theme is ‘Nation First, Always First’. NSS unit no:38 of St. Paul’s College Kalamassery conducted various quotes by freedom fighters.

We also conducted Independence Day speeches, fancy dress and patriotic song competitions. Afreen Irfan St. Paul’s College Kalamassery, Anna Dominic Alphonsa College Pala Kottayam, Revathy Krishnan St. Xavier’s college for Women Aluva got 1st,2nd and 3rd place on an intercollegiate speech competition conducted based on the topic ‘What is Independence.’ 1st and 2nd place of intercollegiate patriotic song competition were gotten by Anna Merin Easo St. Teresa’s college Ernakulam and Siya Siju St. Paul’s college Kalamassery respectively. Ameya  S , Nabanna Biswas and Ashvika V Nair are the first, second and third place winners of the fancy dress competition. Helena Mary and Rumini R Shankar were also specially mentioned in the fancy dress competition.

Oath Taking Ceremony

Oath taking ceremony of office bearers  was conducted in the presence of Dr. Savitha K S, principal of St.Paul's College Kalamassery and NSS program officers  Prof.Stalin P C and Prof. Jixy Joseph and NSS program coordinators and NSS volunteers. Office bearers took their oath. Program was compered  by Emmanuel David and the principal and other dignitaries shared valuable thoughts with us and a vote of thanks was given by  Seethumol S. After the oath taking ceremony we conducted a discussion session for programs and volunteers shared their experiences in NSS and also had an entertainment session.


NSS Unit No.38 of St Paul's College , Kalamassery conducted a webinar on the topic – “ADDICTION” in association with Nasha Mukth Bharat Abhiyaan on 26/07/2021. The webinar started at 10:30 am. The session was compeired by Lisna and welcome speech was delivered by Hiba. The speaker of the webinar was Bibin George , Psychiatric Social Worker, Vimukthi De Addiction Centre Muvattupuzha. He conveyed the idea of 2 types of addictions and after effects of drug addiction etc. Felicitation speech was given by K.A Faisal , Vimukhti Mission District Coordinator and vote of thanks was delivered by Sanjay T.M. The webinar came to an end by 11:45 am.

Gender Awareness Program

NSS unit no 38 of St. Paul’s College Kalamassery conducted an online workshop based on the GENDER AWARENESS PROGRAM associated with the child development department. It was a Two day program. Each day is scheduled by two sessions. On22-07-2021 Welcome speech was given by Megha Johny. The session was compered by Afiya A R, Sheeba HOD and Professor SSUS, Kalady. She conveyed the idea of gender equality among volunteers. Review of class was given by the Seethumol S and vote of thanks was given by the Azif Muhammad NA.Second session was lead by the Adv. Maya Krishnan high court of kerala. Review of class was given by the Joji Joy and vote of thanks was given by the Lisna. In the conclusion they provide a feedback form from NSS volunteers.

On 23-07-2021 Friday session was started at 9.30am.  The session was compared by the Smeehan S and this session was led by Dr K M Sheeba HOD and Professor SSUS Kalady students Share their experience in class. Vote of thanks was given by the Arjun K S. Second session was Started at 2.45pm. The session was compared by the Smeehan S and this session was lead by the Adv.Maya Krishnan high court of Kerala, explaining the laws in gender equality votes of thanks was given by the Hamna Hassan. In the conclusion they provide a feedback form for students.

June 26-June 30 Secretary election 2021

For electing NSS secretary for the year 2021-2022 NSS unit no.38 of St.Paul's College Kalamassery conducted various processes."Meet the candidate" was conducted on 26th June 2021 through Google meet platform. 9 male and 11 female candidates were suggested by volunteers and they participated in "Meet the candidate".After that there was a voting session conducted through Google forms. Votes were recorded by 64 second years and 33 final years.On 27th June, 4 male and 5 female candidates were shortlisted to the final round.On 30th June 2021, a presentation, interview and a group discussion were conducted at the college for the candidates who were shortlisted. Prof. Jose Xavier (vice principal), Dr.Pramada Ramachandran (Dean student affairs), Prof.Siby K M (Dean-training and development) and Prof.Stalin PC (NSS program officer) were in the judging panel.


NSS Unit No.38 of St Paul's College , Kalamassery organized an online debate through Google meet platform on topic – “IS IT POSSIBLE TO PREVENT CRIME ONLY WITH EXISTING JUDICIAL SYSTEM?” on 17th July 2021. The debate started at 11:00am. Avrill Blaze Correya delivered the welcome speech. Moderators of the debate were Abhijith and San. They selected the groups and started the debate. Some volunteers argued for the topic and some stood against the topic. Program officer Prof. Stalin P.C gave his suggestions. The debate helped the students to think critically and shared their views on the topic. Abhijith concluded the debate and Robin Biju delivered the vote of thanks. Debate came to an end by 12.30pm.

World Paper Bag Day

On July 12 th,2021, NSS unit no.38 of St Paul’s College kalamassery conducted various programs as a part of *World Paper Bag Day*.  The online workshop carries about “How to Make a Paper Bag '' easily. The session started at 10.30am. The session was Compared by Julian Lobo.  Welcome speech was given by Sheldreena Rodrigues . The session was led by the Riya Richard Alumni of St. Paul’s College Kalamassery, who taught us how to make paper bags. Vote of thanks was given by the Safwana K S . In conclusion we provide a feedback form for NSS volunteers. All NSS volunteers took it as a challenge to make paper bags and posted them on social media.

Webinar on Anemia : Prevention and Control

On 22nd and23rdJune 2021 NSS Unit No:38 of St. Paul’s college, Kalamassery in coordination with Govt of kerala, Dept. of women and child development and ICDS, Edapally, conducted a Webinar on the Topic 'ANEMIA: PREVENTION AND CONTROL'. The aim of the program was to create awareness about low level hemoglobin in women and children.

On 22nd the program was conducted for NSS volunteers. It started at 11:30 am on google meet platform. The program started with the Smt. Sini.A, CDPO Edapally, ICDS, delivered welcome speech, followed by the presidential address by Fr Joseph antony palliparambil, Associate manager of St. Paul’s college. Dr Savita S, Principal of St. Paul’s college, officially inaugurated the program with her valuable words. Dr Sithara Balan V, Asst. Prof (home science) of Govt college for women TVM, was the key speaker of the program. The class was mainly focused on anemia and its causes also.

On 23rd June the program was conducted for all the students of St. Paul’s college.It was the second section of Anemia class. The key speaker of the day was Dhanusha M, ICDS supervisor Edapally, she also focused on the topic anemia, its causes, prevention, impact and how it affects during pregnancy. She also gives the causes and prevention methods based on Anemia. In the end Prof Jixy Joseph, program coordinator, offered a vote of thanks to all the dignitaries and students.

June 21 - International yoga day

On 21st June 2021 as a part of international yoga day NSS unit no.38 of St. Paul's College Kalamassery conducted various programs.An online quiz competition and a yogasana competition named 'Breathe' were conducted. Felix George of St.Paul's College, Nandhu Nandhana of St. Paul's College and Ashna Sheen of St.Paul's College got first,second and third respectively. Certificates were awarded to the winners. A video regarding yoga day were also prepared by volunteers.

A webinar was also conducted in association with the yoga club, department of physical education, NCC unit and NSS unit no.38 of St.Paul's College on the topic "yoga for well being". Welcome speech was given by Prof.Jose Xavier (HOD of physical education), Presidential address Fr.Joseph Palliparambil (vice chairman associate manager of St.Paul's College),Inaugural address was given by Dr.Savita K S(Principal of St. Paul's College) and the session was led by Dr Augustine George (Assistant professor of medical College Kottayam).He spoke the importance and benefits of yoga in day to day life of people .Vote of thanks was given by Luiz Anzil under officer NCC St. Paul's College.

World Environment Day 2021

On 5th June 2021 as a part of environment day celebration NSS unit number 38 of St. Paul's College Kalamassery conducted various programs. An inter Collegiate caption contest and a challenge was conducted on the topic Ecosystem Restoration through social media platforms.Catherine Rajeena of St.teresas college, Dixon Dsilva of St.Paul's College and Krishnendhu Suresh of St. Paul's College got first, second and third respectively. Certificates were awarded to the winners. A video regarding environment conservation prepared by NSS volunteers and also a video of craft done by Ann Maria on "Reuse Reduce Recycle waste" was posted on social media platforms.

Poster on Ecosystem Restoration

A poster regarding Ecosystem Restoration drawn by Aleena Maria was posted on the official Instagram page of NSS unit number 38 of St.Paul's College Kalamassery.The message conveyed was that nature conservatism should not be limited to one day and it is our duty to protect our environment forever.


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