SC/ST Cell

The SC/ST cell of St. Paul’s College is constituted with the purpose to empower the SC/ST students in the college. The cell provides support to the students belonging to such communities to bring them to the main stream. The cell also makes sure that the students avail financial support to these communities from government agencies and other sources. They are also encouraged to enroll for soft skill and career orientation programs, which would equip them to choose a career option. The cell ensures special care for them in their departments in the form of mentoring and remedial coaching classes.


  • Provide guidance to the SC/ ST students in academic and personal issues in college life.
  • Ensure them a safe and secure environment.
  • Provide prompt counselling for any emotional emergencies arising on account of any event in the campus.
  • Provide mechanism to redress the grievance of SC/ST students, if any
  • Ensure protection and reservation as provided in the constitution of India.
  • Arrange special opportunities to enhance the career growth.
  • To make them aware regarding various scholarships program of State Govt. and UGC.
  • Take measures to achieve the objectives and targets laid down by the Govt. of India and the UGC.
  • To collect reports and information of State Govt. and UGC’s orders on various aspects

Grievance Portal

Faculty in Charge

Mr. Jose Xavier

Mr. Jose Xavier

Mr. Binil Kumar M R

Binil Kumar M R