Certificate Programmes

Add-on Course: Introduction to Python Programming

  • Prerequisite: Graduation in any Science stream.

  • Course Duration: 32 Hours

  • Course Description:This course is designed to provide the basic knowledge of a python programming language required for science graduate students. This course focuses on the application of python programming for solving mathematical problems and simulating systems that involve numerical integrations and differentiation.  This course also intends to introduce the various python scientific packages and subroutines which are useful in scientific computations.

  • Course Learning outcomes:

    After the successful completion of this course, the student would be able to:

    • Write and execute programs in python involving mathematical calculations.
    • Use various loop options in python according to the requirement.
    • Write programs involving numerical integration and differentiation techniques.
    • Develop simple applications in python.
    • Customize and make use of scientific packages available in python.