Dr. V J Peter 
Dept. of Physics

A recognised guide of Mahatma Gandhi University and KUFOS

Research Scholars 

  1. Jixy Joseph – 2014 onwards -Project Title: “Studies on field theories at finite temperature and finite density

Dr. Asha E Thoma
Dept. of Commerce

The present IQAC coordinator is a recognized research guide of Mahatma Gandhi University and KUFOS. She has Ph.D. scholars working under her and major as well as minor research projects to her credit.

Guide in :Bharata Mata College

Research Scholars

  1. Christy George– 2015 onwards – Project Title : “Linkages between Tourism and Employment generation in Kerala
  2. Teresa Stephen-2015 onwards -Project Title: “A Study on Occupational Stress Experienced by Women Officers in Banking Sector with Special Reference to Kerala“.
  3. Remyamol K P-2015 onwards – Projecct Title: “Influence of E-CRM Practices on Organisational Competitiveness of Commercial Banks in Kerala”.
  4. Shiny C N-2015 onwards- Project Title : “Coastal Destinations and Tourism activities in Kerala”.
  5. Neethu Ismail-2015 -2019 – Project Title: “Workplace identity as a mediator in the relationship between the learning climate and the job satisfaction”.


Dr. Manju K Menon
Dept. of Mathematics

A Recognised guide of Mahatma Gandhi University and Research centre at Maharajas College, Ernakulam.

Dr. Salia Rex 
Dept. of English

A recognised guide of Mahatma Gandhi University.


Research Scholars 

  1. Abhijit P-2019 onwards – Project Title: “Conceptualizing Leisure: A Cultural Anthropological Reading of Urban Practices in Kochi“.
  2. Fathima Sullami T A-2019 onwards – Project Title: “Textual and Visual Narratives : Politics and Aesthetics of Gender Representations in Select Biopics“.