Examination Policy

  • One Internal Examination will be held centrally.

  • Question Paper should be prepared well in advance and must be sent to the prescribed mail id.

  • Invigilation and completion of valuation in time.

  • Internal marks

Every year the Principal appoints an examination committee for the smooth conduct of the internal and external examination .

Details :

1. The Powers and Duties of Internal Examination Committee (EC):

  • The EC shall ensure proper performance of the various duties in conducting examinations viz, question paper setting, time table preparation, duty allocation, seating arrangement of students and assessment .
  •  The EC shall recommend examination reforms and shall implement them after approval of the academic council.
  • The EC shall prepare the detailed time table of examinations as per the schedule approved by the academic council.
  • The EC shall make arrangements for strict vigilance during the conduct of examination so as to avoid use of unfair means by the students, faculty, and invigilators.
  • Grievance Redressal Committee shall be an independent committee consisting of three members appointed by the Principal to deal with the complaints related to the conduct of examinations.
  • The recommendations of the grievance committee shall be approved by the Principal, to take appropriate disciplinary actions in the concerned matter. The disciplinary actions shall be endorsed by the EC.
  • For any meeting of EC, one-third members shall constitute quorum.
  • The members of EC shall meet at least twice during the academic year and at other times as and when necessary.
  •  The various exam related documents shall be prepared by EC for record keeping and monitoring all examination related activities.
  • The EC shall perform such duties and responsibilities that are assigned by the Council of the institute from time to time.
  • Internal Examination coordinator shall be assisted by the Assistant Coordinators of Examination for carrying out the following activities.

2. CE shall be responsible for smooth and proper conduct of examination in the Institute. He/She shall-

  •  Give the directions to all Department Examination Coordinators for smooth conduct of examination.
  • Prepare the master plan for seating arrangement, by taking into considerations the total number of students appearing for the examination and seating arrangement available in the institute.
  • Get the examination schedule prepared for the entire programme and send the copy of the same to all Heads of the Department and DECs.
  • Receive the requirements of answer books, supplements, drawing sheets, graph papers and other material from DECs of various departments and keep it ready centrally for distributing to students during examinations. A record of the same shall be maintained.
  •  Receive the cases of misbehavior, malpractices, copy cases from Examination Coordinators and forward the same to the grievance committee for further necessary action.

3. Seating arrangement shall be made centrally as per the master plan for seating arrangement.

4. Coordinator shall appoint staff for examination as per requirement.

  • There shall be one invigilator for a block of 25- 35 (maximum up to 40) students subject to maximum two invigilators per classroom.
  •  Reliever: One reliever per five classrooms subject to maximum two.
  •  Invigilators, additional invigilators, and relievers shall be appointed centrally among the faculty of all departments.
  •  Depending on the need and availability, CE may change the number of staff for conducting examinations.

5. On each day of examination, CE shall open the required number of packets of question papers at least half an hour before the start of examination. 

6. CE shall hand over the required material to the invigilators, at least 20 minutes before the start of the examination.

7. The invigilators shall follow the “Guidelines/Instructions to the Invigilators” of the college.

8. There shall be continuous monitoring by taking rounds in different examination blocks to confirm that invigilators are performing their duties properly and discipline is being maintained during examination.

9. Assistant coordinators shall forward the cases of misbehavior, indiscipline, malpractices and attempt to copy to the Examination committee.

10. After receiving the answer books from invigilators, ACE shall check them as per the attendance record submitted by the invigilators and then sort out the answer books of each course separately and handed over to concerned department heads.

Guidelines/Instructions to the Invigilators

The invigilators shall enter the examination hall at least 15 minutes before the start of examination.
He/She shall,
1. Ask the students to keep their books, note books, mobile phones and their written materials at the front of the hall/outside the hall and to be seated according to the correct seat numbers; use only blue/black ink for writing.
2. Check whether the students have occupied their seats as per the seating arrangement.
3. Distribute answer books to the students at least 10 minutes before the start of the examination and ask them to fill in correct details on the front page of the answer books.
4. Distribute the question papers to the students at the beginning of the examination.
5. Check the identity cards of the students and sign on their answer books, if all details are correct.
6. Take the signature of students on the attendance proforma, mark “AB” for absent students and maintain the attendance record of his/her examination hall,
7. Maintain general discipline in the classroom by frequently moving in the examination hall and preventing any malpractices or attempt of copying by students.
8. Report cases of misbehavior, indiscipline, malpractices and copying cases of students to the CE for further necessary action.
9. Give warning to the students to tie their supplements, 10 minutes before the end of examination.
10. Collect the answer books from the students at the end of examination and arrange them sequentially as per the examination seat numbers of students for each course separately.
11. Hand over the answer books to CE.

Instructions to the Students

Students must bring their College Identity Card when they appear for the examinations. No student
will be permitted to write the examination without an Identity Card.
1. Students should keep all their belongings outside the examination hall. Invigilators are not accountable for the loss of any of their belongings
2. Absolute silence should be maintained in the examination hall.
3. Students can carry only what is permitted as per requirement of the examination.
4. Tearing out pages or parts of answer books provided for the examination is strictly prohibited and is punishable.
5. Rough work and calculations must be done in the answer books only.
6. Ensure that your answers carry the correct question number in the answer book.
7. Any communication with others verbally or nonverbally in the examination hall will be treated as a punishable malpractice.
8. Students found guilty of using unfair means in the examination hall will be reported to the University and may result in the student being debarred for a period of 3 years, be suspended or be expelled from the University.
9. A student caught using fraudulent methods for any of the subjects during internal assessment will be given zero for all the subjects in the ensuing examinations.
10. Students can leave the examination hall only during the last 30 minutes of the examination time.
11. If students require assistance from the invigilator or need supplementary material for writing, the attention of the invigilator can be drawn by raising a hand without disturbing others.
12. Question paper should carry only the name.
13. Students must sign the attendance sheet during every examination.
14. Students who wish to avail retest should apply in the prescribed form, complete in all respect, within 5 days from the date of last internal examination.
15. Students satisfying the following criteria can apply for retest if he/she was inpatient & submitted the Medical Certificate.
16. Students should be seated in the examination hall at least 5 minutes early before the commencement of examination. Any student coming late to the examination hall will be allowed to appear for the examination after proper permission from the Head of The Department.