Certificate Programmes

  • Introduction to Critical Reading and Theory: This course will provide students with a foundation of the theories up to the present with a background reading of those of the twentieth century.

  • Overview: Literature becomes a material for reading to enhance critical thinking skills and it is also a source reflecting the functioning of society at large. Literature and art provide texts that shape the understanding of this world. Through discussions and teacher guided readings students gain insights into theory and praxis and get opportunities to make sense of the abstract concepts and issues that are part of the extraordinary and the everyday life at the individual and the societal level.

  • Course aims: Students get

    • An enriched reading of literary texts
    • A basic understanding of literary theories and concepts
    • A grasp over the various issues that raise questions in society
    • Working knowledge of the connection between theory and praxis
  • Course outcomes: By the end of the course the students

    • Learn the basic concepts of the critical idiom.
    • An understanding of the historical positioning of various theories
    • Analyse literary texts to know about the undercurrents that move society forward
    • Become critical thinkers and theorists in their own way
English Department