AD/AT Cell and the Depts. Of English and Commerce organized a Webinar in connection with International Day of Drug abuse and Illicit Trafficking on 28.6.2021.The webinar was led by Vijayakumar GD, Assistant Police Commissioner. He enriched the session with concrete facts and practical suggestions withviable solutions for students to keep away from drugs in the campus and elsewhere. It was a thorough and insightful sharing of information regarding all aspects of drug addiction, gang formation, and related anti- social activites and the strategies that all the stakeholders should adopt to rescue the victims.

Outcome: The webinar led students to be cautious of dangers lurking around in the form of drugs and how to avert such dangers. They also understood the need to respond in case of finding victims addicted to drugs.

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Published On: June 28, 2021Categories: College News, Department of English - Activities