As part of World Environment Day celebration 2021, an inter-department competition- “Creativity Out of Debris” was organized by the Department of Chemistry in association with Nature club and ENCON Club. The participants were asked to use their imagination to create something useful from waste materials. Asna T. A., I BA English Model 2 secured first prize, Riya K. W.,III BCom CA Aided secured second prize and Alan Manuel PinheroIB.Sc.Industrial chemistrysecured third prize.The purpose of World Environment Day is to spread awareness about the threat to the environment due to rising pollution levels and climate change. “World Environment Day is a reminder for us to pause and reflect on our actions and their subsequent consequences on the planet. The programme provided an opportunity to students to develop their creativity and widen their imagination. This also open up a novel path to Reduce and Reuse the waste materials and thereby encouraging our younger generation to protect earth.

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