Course Regulation - CSSS

Course Regulation - CSSS

Internal evaluation is to be done by continuous assessments on the following components. Components of the internal evaluation and their weights are as below


Component Weight
Attendance 1
Assignment 1
Seminar 2
Two test papers 2

2. Attendance

% of Attendance Grade
90% A
Between 85 and 90 B
Between 80 and 85 C
Between 75 and 80 D
75 E

3. Assignments: Every student assignment shall submit one per course

4. Seminar/Viva: The student has to take a minimum of 1 seminar per course

5. Class test: A minimum of 2 class tests are to be attended. The weighted average shall be taken for awarding the grade.

6. The evaluation of all components are to be published and are to be acknowledged by the candidate. All documents of internal assessments are to be kept in the college for 2 years and shall be made available for verification by the university. The responsibility of evaluating the internal assessment is vested on the teacher(s) who teach the course.

7. The college council shall nominate a senior teacher as coordinator internal evaluations. The coordinator shall make arrangements for giving awareness of the internal evaluation components to students immediately after commencement of 1 semester.

8. The evaluation or the internal components should reach the university before II week of October - April


1. The external examination of all semesters shall be conducted by the university on the close of each semester.

2. Students having a minimum of 75% average attendance for all the courses only can register for the examination. Condonation of shortage of attendance to a maximum of 1 0 days or 50 hour in a semester subjected to a maximum or 2 times during the whole period of the programme may be granted by the university on valid grounds. This condonation shall not be counted for internal assessment.

Benefit of attendance may be granted to students attending university/ college union activities, participation in co-curricular activities by treating them as present for the days of absence, on production of participation / attendance certificates from competent authorities and endorsed by the Head of the institution. This is limited to a maximum of 10 days and this benefit shall be considered for internal assessment also. Student who is not eligible for condonation of shortage of attendance shall repeat the course along with the next batch.

3. All students are to do a project. This project can be done individually or as a group of 3 students. The projects are to be identified during the II semester of the programme with the help of the supervising teacher. The report ut the project in duplicate are to be submitted to the department at the sixth semester and are to be produced before the examiners appointed by the university.

4. There will be no supplementary exams. For reappearance / improvement. students can appear along with the next batch.

5. A student who register his/her name for the external exam for a semester will be eligible for promotion to the next semester.

6. All programmes and courses shall have unique alphanumeric code. Each teachers working in affiliated institutions shall have a unique identification number and this no. is to be attached with the codes of the courses for which he/she can perform examination duty.


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