Alumni Association

Alumni Association

          The Alumni Association of our college is formed by the students passing out from this college. Any student passing out from this college is eligible to be a member of this association. An elected representative of the old students is the President of the association and two members of the teaching staff are Secretary and Treasurer of the association. The executive committee members are elected from members of teaching and non-teaching staff and from the old students. Executive committee consists of the President, two Vice Presidents, Secretary, two Joint Secretaries, Treasurer and the members co-opted by the executive committee. The alumni association is actively participating in the development programmes of the college. Many members of the organisation occupy very important positions in different fields.

Office bearers

1. President - Sri. Jose Ralph

2. Secretary – Dr.Zeenath Shanavas

3. Treasurer – Smt.Athira Ashok




Don't forget to inform the college your following details :


1. Your employment details, when you achieve it.

2. Details of your higher studies, as you pursue them.

3. Details regarding your appearance and success in th e following competitive exams, when you appear or when you qualify: