Semester I

English- I


Computer Fundamentals and Basics of PC (Hardware)

Methodology of Programming and C Language

Fundamentals of Digital System

Software Lab -I

Semester II

English- II


Data Communication

Computer Organization And Architecture

Object  Oriented Programming Using C++

Software Lab -II

Semester III

Probability And Statistics

Database Management Systems

System Analysis and Design

Networking Fundamentals

Data Structure Using C++

Software Lab -III

Semester IV

Linux Administration

Microprocessor and Assembly Language Programming

Computer Aided Optimization Techniques

Web Programming Techniques

Assembly Language Programming Lab

Software Lab -IV

Semester V

System Software And Operating System

IT and Environment

Java Programming Using Linux

Computer Security

Open Course

Software Development Lab I (Mini Project)

Semester VI

Computer Graphics

Big Data Analytics

Programme Elective


Software Development Lab II ( Main Project)

Viva Voce

B. Sc. Computer Science Syllabus