Goals & Objectives

goals & objectives

  The college is dedicated to the celestial patron St. Paul, the great missionary with a vision to fulfil the motto of the institution “Life Nobly Lived".

The institution gives due consideration to the following objectives and goals:

♦ Achieve academic excellence through research oriented approach.

♦ To uplift the poor and underprivileged sections of the society through quality education.

♦ Achieve all round development of the pupils’ personality.

♦ Inculcate good character and conduct along with a sound philosophy of life.

♦ Develop secular and democratic outlook in order to become responsible citizens of the nation.

♦ Imbibe the cultural heritage of our country.

♦ Promote and develop extra-curricular talents along with curricular activities.

♦ Equip students with information technology.

♦ Provide opportunities and facilities to the students belonging to economically, socially and educationally marginalised communities in the field of higher education.

♦ Inculcate discipline, intellectual enquiry, independent thinking and leadership quality.