Department Activities


National Seminar entitled “Rubrics of Academic Writing and Publication and the Practical Use of Mobile Apps for Research”

The Department of English proudly convened a National Seminar entitled “Rubrics of Academic Writing and Publication and the Practical Use of Mobile Apps for Research” on 28/2/2020. Dr.Sathyaraj Venkadesan, Asso. Professor of NIT, Trichi and Dr. Thiyagu Suriya, Asst. Professor of CUK were the resource persons.


Valedictory function of the English Literary Club Galore

The Department of English organized the valedictory function of the English Literary Club Galore 2020 on 24th February, 2020.The Director of the Department of English and Foreign Languages, CUSAT was the Guest of Honour. The Annual Report and Department Magazine “Elysian Expressions” were released at the occasion.


International Human Rights Day

On  20/02/2020. An exhibition of Posters on the theme: International Human Rights Day was organized by Prof. Deepa George


Food Fest

On 19th February, 2020, Ms. Mary Sooria organized a Food Fest for the students and staff of the college.


Talk on Constitution and Fundamental Rights

On 17/02/2020, Prof. Deepa George organized a Talk on Constitution and Fundamental Rights, the Resource person was Padmasri Sri. M.K. Kunjol


Inter-departmental Solo Western Music competition

An inter-departmental Solo Western Music competition was convened by Ms. Mary Sooria on 18th December, 2019. The competition was judged by Dr. Job Chakkalackal of BBA and Ms. Lima Sunny of Dept. of English. The over whelming participation of the vibrant singers from various departments was the USP of the programme. The first, second and third  positions were bagged by Mr. Ajmal Rozario (II B.Voc Tourism), Miss.Jenitta Shaji (III B.A. English)and Mr. Anathu Asok  (III B.A.English (SF) respectively.


Communicative English classes

On 26th November, 2019, Mr. Binil Kumar M.R. and Ms. Lima Sunny commenced the ten-day department extension activity of Communicative English classes at Govt. school Pallilankara.


Workshop on Research Methodology

On 29th November, 2019 a workshop on Research Methodology was conducted by Dr.Salia Rex for the research scholars, P.G. and U.G. students of the college at the Acoustic Theatre.


The Department of English organized a healing workshop entitled “HEAL-THY”

The Department of English organized a healing workshop entitled “HEAL-THY” for resplendent living. The seminar was convened on 13th June, 2019  to boost up or students  and to help our youth to discover themselves, to instill self-awareness, to sensitize them about the debilitating aspects of life in order to bring forth enlightened and rejuvenated young men and women. Ms. Padmavati Mahendran , a research scholar in Philosophy at  University of Madras is a certified yoga trainer under Yogiraj Vethathiri Maharishi and been practicing yoga and meditations for the past 20yrs.


Inauguration of English Literary club “KAIROS”

Inauguration of English Literary club “KAIROS” to kick start a –year-long  non-academic activities to engender the literary, aesthetic and individual talents  was designed to make the students  utilize their talents, time and resources to the optimal level.Dr. Edward Edezeth , former professor and HOD, of St. Albert’s College inaugurated the function  on 29th July, 2019.


Tribute to the great American Poet Walt Whitman by Department of English

The Department of English commemorated the bicentenary of Walt Whitman by organizing a series of programmes as a tribute to the great American poet who was known as a world poet, essayist, journalist, humanist, and a transcendentalist and whose works celebrated  principles of democracy, individualism, and ecology.

a) A Workshop on Making Ecobags

The Department of English organized an inter departmental workshop on Paper Bag Making on 12th July , which is observed as Paper Bag Day annually to recognize the importance of Paper Bag. The workshop was led by Ms. Deepa George, Assistant Professor, Department of English.

b) An Interdepartmental Debate Competition on the topic “Social or Environmental Justice??” was held on 17th July - World Day for International Justice. Mr. Justine George, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics was the moderator. Dr. Priyesh KV of the Department of Physics and Dr. Tresa Sunitha George of the Department of Chemistry were the judges. Mr. Joel Jojo and Nikhil Krishna of the Physics department were adjudged as the best team. Mr. Joel Jojo was selected as the best debater.

c) Reporters for the Environment Competition was held on 28th  July - World Nature Conservation Day. Participants submitted articles focusing on the garbage problems in the locality on the topic “Towards a Litter Less World” Ms. Celine Liya of I BA English won the first prize.

d) Green Short Film Contest was held on 31st July. Short films portraying people or communities as climate heroes were screened. Abid Hussain and team of 3rd BA English won the first prize.

e) Tic-toc Competition – was held on 31 st July. Participants presented tic- toc video clips which incorporated songs or actions with compassion for war victims/ refugees. Ms. Sharon and team of 3rd BA English bagged the first prize.




Publications by the department:

The teachers of the Department of English motivated the students to publish 2 literary works.

  • A Departmental Journal of Literary Studies entitled “Critical Encounter” ISSN 24542083 Volume 4: Issue 1 was published on 20th March, 2019. The Journal is a platform for the Final B.A. English Literature students of the U.G. and P.G. levels to showcase their youthful literary endeavours and explorations. The Chief Editor, Dr. Salia Rex, the Associate Editors: Asst. Prof. Deepa George, Asst. Prof.Lima Sunny, Asst. Binil Kumar M.R made it a reality.


  • A Departmental Magazine “ZEITGEIST” showcases a range of vibrant literary expressions of our B.A. English students, which was published by the Staff Editors: Ms. Jovita James, Mr. Naveen Kumar, Ms. Lakshmi A and Student Editors:  It was released on th  20th March , 2019.


Extension activity at Govt. L.P.school Pallilankara

The Department of English organized  its Extension activity at Govt. L.P.school Pallilankara on February 21st, 2019. Teacher co-ordinators were  Binil Kumar, Lima Sunny, Naveen Kumar .


Colours of flood

A Painting competition entitled “ Colours of flood” based on the catastrophic flood was organized  by Binil Kumar M.R on November 16th, 2018.

National Seminar and workshops :

An educational seminar on Youth and Wellness on 4th June, 2018 discussed the problems faced by youth and their solutions from a psychological perspective. The resource person was Prof. V.J. Antony, eminent Psychologist & Rtd. Principal of The Cochin College.


A literary programme entitled Consortium of Literatures was jointly convened by the language departments and library on 6th July, 2018. The programme reminisced the English writer Charlotte Bronte on her Bicentenary year, Book Talks, recitations and book reviews were done by professors and students.   

A national seminar on “Modern Literary Theories” in February 4th, 2019- Dr. Jibu Mathew  George of English and Foreign Languages University was the resource person for the morning session. Dr. Latha Nair of St.Teresa’s College, Ernakulam steered the afternoon session on Postmodernism and Praxis.    


An educational seminar on “Unveiling New Vistas: Academic and Career Prospects for the students of the department in February 26th, 2019.


An orientation class on various career choices was offered by TIME for III B.A.English students  on 23rd 2018. Extension activity begins on February 21st, 2019. Teacher co-ordinators are Binil Kumar, Lima Sunny, Naveen Kumar.

Installation of a Class Library  for I B.A. students on February 20th.2019. First B.A. students took initiative to install a Class Library in their class room which was inaugurated by the Asst. Manager Fr. Joseph Palliparambil  and the Principal Prof. Mary Jelthruth K.V.



 English Literary Club activities:

      English Literary Club ‘Meraki’ was  inaugurated by Dr. Beena Job, HOD, St.Teresea’s college,   Ekm on 4th August 2017.  An abridged theatrical representation of Macbeth was performed  by the III B.A. English students  as a flagship programme. The club conducted various competitions to enable the students of the entire college to showcase their literary and non-literary talents.

  • English Literary club organizes Versification competition on 24th August in the seminar hall.
  • Short story writing competition is organized on 25th September, 2017.
  • English Literary club convenes a Christmas card competition on 20th December, 2017.
  • English Literary club convenes a competition on Presentation on 25th January, 2017.
  • Critical  Encounter’( Volume III Issue:1) Departmental Journal is released by Dr. Laly  Mathew, HOD, Bharata  matha College on 27th February, 2018.
  • Two volumes of Ready Reckoners which do the role of Resource books for the Common course text prescribed for III semester B.A. English, were compiled and hand crafted by the students of II B.A. English were released on 24th August, 2017.
  • A Departmental Magazine “The Horizon” showcases a range of vibrant literary expressions of our B.A. English student was released on 27th February, 2017.
  • -Valedictory function of English Literary club on 27th February, 2018.

Certificates for winners of the competitions were distributed.


Extension programme :

 The  Department of  English conducted  a ten-day teaching programme on Communicative English at Govt. L.P. school Pallilankara  on 10th November, 2017.The programme is scheduled and designed to impart Communicative Skills, good habits and people skills to the L.P.students of Govt. L.P.School, Pallilankara.

The students of the Department of English compiled Children’s books and installed a Children’s Library for the L.P.School students of Govt. L.P.School, Pallilankara on 10-11-2017 as an Extension programme of the department. Dr.Rose Philo K.J., Vice-Principal of St. Paul’s College handed over the collection of books to the school Headmistress Ms. Susan Philip and Dr.Salia Rex, coordinator of the programme handed over the Library Logbook to the school H.M.


An educational seminar

An educational seminar on Career opportunities for U.G. and P.G. students of   English     Literature was led by renown career consultant, Dr. P.R.Venkittaraman ,  for  the I , II, III U.G. and P.G. students on 4th December, 2017 in the seminar hall.

  • PTA of II B.A. English was convened by class teacher Prof. Deepa George on 10th August, 2017
  • PTA of III B.A. English was convened by class teacher Prof. Lima Sunny on 11th August, 2017
  • PTA of I B.A. was convened by class teacher prof. Flinda Caduthuz  on February 12th,2017