Scholarships and Fee Concessions


       Name of Scholarship                                   Eligibility


    1) National Loan Scholarship                          : Minimum 50% mark

                                                                             : Income limit Rs. 25,000 per year.

    2) National Scholarship                                   : Income limit Rs. 25,000

    3) State Merit Scholarship                               : Minimum 50% marks. Income limit Rs. 10,000 D.C.,

                                                                               Rs. 12,000 P.G.

    4) Scholarship for Physically handicapped     : Income should not exceed Rs. 24,000 per year                  

    5) Scholarship for the children                        : 60% marks

         of Primary and Secondary                          : Income limit Rs. 20,000 per year.

         School Teachers  

   6) University Merit Scholarship                      : Selection by University on merit basis. 

                                                                              The list will be publishedfrom the highest marks

                                                                              holders admitted in Colleges.

   7) Full fee concession to                                   : Annual income limit Rs. 25,000 per year for Degree and

       O.B.C. students                                              Rs. 42,000 for PG


   8) Full Fee concession to                                 : Annual income per year for Degree Rs. 25,000 for PG

       Socially and educationally                             Rs. 42,000

       backward classes                               

       (as per Kumara Pillai commission report)

   9) Unified fee concession                               : 45% marks annual income limit Rs. 2,500

 10) Harness fee concession to                          : Annual income limit Rs. 12,000

       Children of Kerala

       Government Servants

       who die in harness


Online Scholarships


1.      Post Matric Scholarship (PMS)

2.      Central Sector Scholarship (CSS)

3.      District Merit Scholarship (DMS)

4.      Merit Scholarship to the Children of School Teachers (MSCT)

5.      Hindi Scholarship (HS)

6.      Muslim Nadar Girls Scholarship (MNS)

7.      Sanskrit Scholarship (SSE)

8.      Suvarna Jubilee Merit Scholarship (SJMS)

9.      Muslim Girls Scholarship (Paloli Committee Scholarship) (MGS)

10.    Blind / PH Scholarship BPHFC)

11.    Music Fine Arts Scholarship (MFAS)

12.    Scholarship for dependent of Jawans (JS)


Proficiency Prizes


Prizes for proficiency in studies are given to the students of all PG  & UG classes.


Best Student Award


Every year the most outstanding outgoing student will be selected from the final year classes and the Best Student Award will be given. Each department can nominate maximum 2 students for the award. A committee will select one student for the award from among the nominated students.

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